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About Us

Kontent Labs was founded by James Fordham and Marc Niemes leveraging a combined 35+ years experience; implementing hundreds of learning environments, with thousands of learners and millions of courses completed.

Despite this success, they were still frustrated by the lack of engagement at the front line of organisations. Not surprisingly, they discovered that the greatest impact often came from people in organisations learning from one another. Their passion is combining the formal structure with the informal networks to create lasting impact.

Kontent Labs was created to help organisations empower and engage with their frontline staff, deliver insight to managers, satisfy customer demands and leverage suppliers information all while working in tandem with existing infrastructures.

This is done by helping build communities of practice around market needs & industry knowledge through a unique 3 step process.




KommunityLabs® Engine (KLE)

This is an exclusive platform which enables our clients to create Communities of Practice around their industry knowledge. It is unique because it sits beside your formal learning infrastructure to enable rapid knowledge capture and transfer as well as active insights and analytics.

Content Development

With a world class team of instructional designers, graphic designers and developers we take your existing content, curriculum or course and turn it into an engaging online training program. We enable relevant knowledge to be captured and shared on any device at any time. In many cases the content becomes the "industry standard".


Our consulting arm is focused on helping organisations work through their business challenges and assesses their commercial models for learning. In many cases we take a joint development approach to use learning to extend your reach, increase engagement or develop new sources of revenue.

What our clients say

The Kontent Labs team collaborate with us to ensure our medication management training content is relevant, accessible and valuable to our end customers. Their help has enabled us to extend our reach and impact.
Fiona Rhody Nicoll
(Ward Medication Management, CEO)

Our Process

Strategy Session

In the session we look at the product or knowledge service you're looking to capture or distribute. We dive deep into the outcomes you're looking to achieve and identify challenges holding you back within your own organisation realities. These sessions are highly specialized with your executive teams, managers and frontline staff and are normally facilitated by our directors.

Implementation Plan

Based on the insights from the strategy session our team will then develop a focused plan. This will outline the specific step by step actions you need to build your communities of practice. Our aim is an ROI of 90 days or less.


The final step is all about building out your KommunityLab, configuring it to the specific market needs identified in the strategy session and coaching you on how to best manage it. This ensures all key stakeholders are as engaged as possible throughout the process.

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