Single Sign On (SSO)

Larger clients often have HRIS or other major platforms their members/staff are logging into every day. Rather than have them login again, to access content in your Lab, we can provide what is known as SSO for click access from your existing platform into KLE.

Technical: Our default preference is to Authenticate using JWT or OAuth2, however, we can accomodate other protocols as required.


Most industry leading platforms and software have API capability. This is HOW systems share information/data between systems.

KLE3 can push (send) or pull (receive) data to and from other systems as required. KLE has a range of RESTFUL APIs available.

The most common use of APIs are around Admin reporting - having ALL your reportable data together or in one place.

Technical: KLE3 currently does not provide an OPEN API, however we have already successfully API'd (via RESTFUL API) into several platforms with mimimal fuss.
Open API capability (with Swagger documentation) will be available soon.

Note: All Integration services are available at additional cost.

Existing API Connections

KLE3 currently has active API connections with:

  • Zoom Webinar
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • SCORM Cloud
  • KLE Mobile App
  • Custom: SSO and DATA exchange with Deakin University AI engine