Frequently asked questions

Kommunity Labs Engine (KLE) is a complex, holistic and feature rich platform. For the majority, most clients do not have ALL KLE features enabled &/or have customisations on their lab (whether be minimal or major).

KLE is fully customisable AND flexible. Please see below for the most common pre-sales questions.

How many User Accounts do I get with KLE?

KLE by default includes 2,000 active accounts. This does NOT include any disabled accounts you may have.

You can request an Account upgrade (usually in batches of 1,000) anytime by contacting your Account Manager.

How long does it take to get access to my new Lab?

It takes a maximum of 72 hours (or 3 business days) for Kontent Labs to make your new Lab available.

Note 1: The 3 days implementation process will commence upon payment of the deposit invoice.

Note 2: Customisations will take longer to implement (depending on complexity of tasks requested). Your Generic KLE Lab will still be accessible within 3 business days. Please refer to the SoW for specific timeframes for custom requests.

Is my information & content secure?

Yes. Our servers are based in Sydney ONLY. Data is never stored off Australian shores.

Our servers back-end is highly secure and only accessible using a combination of registered IP addresses and an encypted KEY.

Unless requested as a customisation by the Client, we only store your accounts infomation vis; Name and Email. We do not store addresses, credit card information or other personal information by default.

Additionally, Kontent Labs Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and operated.

How does the Licensing work?

KLE licenses are based on an Annual subscription, paid in advance.

If you ADD new modules during your license period, or increase your Account license etc, we will pro-rata the add-ons so your Main Licensing invoice is up to date and all inclusive.

How do I cancel my licenses/access?

Your Kontent Labs Account Manager will contact you 30-60 days out from your anniverary. You may advise him/her at that time if you wish to cancel, or you can email team@kontentlabs.com.au anytime to advise. Note: Your current license will remain until the end of your current anniversay.

How do I request customisation work to be conducted?

Simply discuss your requirements with your Account Manager. He/She will then work with our Technical team to SCOPE (determine cost/time) your requirements. Your Account Manager will then create a formal Statement of Works (SoW) for signoff.

For custom work under 7 days effort, 100% of the invoice will need to be settled to commence works. For projects over 7 days, usually we will invoice 50% up front, with 50% balance due on completion.

The SoW will state the TERMS of the custom work requested.

How do I access additional KLE modules?

You can turn ON (or add) additional KLE modules to your Lab anytime. Some are performed via your Administration portal, whilst others, you need to contact your Account Manager.

Conversely, you may disable/remove modules on request by contacting your Account Manager.

How does Support work?

All KLE Labs include unlimited Level 2 Support via Email (phone for urgent matters). Full LAB training is also provided to Client Administrators prior to your GO LIVE data.

Level 1 Support (end-users) is performed by you (the Client) using KLE's included Support Ticketing system.

You can escalate a Level 1 ticket to Kontent Labs if you feel the issue is a system-issue.

Support tickets are responded to within 24 hours Monday-Fridays - usually within 3-4 hours.

What kind of content can I upload?

KLE supports any FILE type that Browsers may/can render.

MP4, MP3, embeded YouTube/Vimeo videos, Elearning (SCORM and HTML based), PDF, Word, Excel and more.

Can I access other platforms from KLE?

Yes. This is a customisation. We can inteface with almost ANY other platform, as long the platform requested has API capability.

This may be Single Sign On (SSO) or simply pushing/pulling data between KLE and your other Platforms.

How can I get more information OR arrange for a Demo?

Please contact our Sales team on team@kontentlabs.com.au or phone 1800 95 44 55 to arrange to speak with Sales/Account Managers.

We provide an obligation-free demonstration service of KLE for potential Clients.

Who is Kontent Labs?

Kontent Labs Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2018 and is a jointly owned business by Zenith Information Systems Pty Ltd (23 years) and HealthXN (20 years).

Both parent companies are 100% Australian, have been in operation for over 20 years (each), and have been in the ED-TECH business during that time.

We created Kontent Labs out of frustration, having worked heavilly within the LMS sector, and believed there was a massive gap around informal learning, collaboration and engagement. Hence, we joined forced in 2018 to create the Kommunity Labs Engine (KLE).